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Pro Body Faradic

This body faradic is fitted with 10 outputs, the operation uses currents throughout the treatments. for example using the electrodes to generate slimming and muscular toning and as a result of this it will stimulate the skin, improving its appearance

Product Code - PJS-905

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This body faradic is fitted with 10 output channels. The faradic body treatment involves pads strapped to the area to be treated. The pads deliver a low faradic current into the skin and muscles stimulating nerve ending to provide a muscle contraction. The muscles will contract at regular intervals as set by one of the eight programmes. It is necessary to have regular treatments to reinforce the effects. The benefits that are provided with this body faradic machine are increased skin regeneration, the appearance of muscle, also skin and contour improvement and firming.

The great thing about this treatment is that the client lies on the couch and the muscles are exercised for them. In addition to that, the treatment can treat muscles in one area creating an intensive effect.

The pre-set programmes in the UTECH machine are below -


- P1, P5: Muscular massage

- P2, P6: Muscular tone improvement in thighs and legs.

- P3, P7: body simulation exercises to improve circulation of blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

- P4, P8: weight loss program.

Product Code - PJS-905