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Professional Hairdressing Chairs

Professional Hairdressing Chairs

Make every aspect of your hairdressing service memorable for your satisfied clients; choose chairs that keep them at ease, even when the hairstyle you are creating will take a while to take form. Hairdressing chairs need to be comfortable, stylish and functional. A stylist or barber needs a chair that gives them easy access to their client's hair, while keeping the client happy and relaxed.

Choose from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment's hairdressing chairs for sale. We offer salon and styling chairs in different styles, with adjustable and hydraulic models available.

With reliable functionality, our chairs enable you to perform a wide range of hair services, as well as cosmetic procedures like make-up application and scalp treatments. With revolving features and an adjustable height, your hairdressers can easily give the customer a stellar client experience, no matter what kind of client he or she is. In fact, our chairs can accommodate and adjust to most body types, enabling you to serve a diverse clientele.

Finished with breathable textile and supported by dense cushions, our chairs make for a relaxing experience at your salon.

Explore our selection:

Find All Your Hairdressing Appliance Needs at PJS Beauty Salon Equipment

Find the hairdressing chairs you need from the PJS selection, and you can be sure of the quality of your furniture. Our products are sourced from trusted manufacturers of hairdressing equipment. On top of that, our team vets the products that will be delivered to you, to ensure that it works as it should, and that it’s free from scratches, smudges, tears and other imperfections.

Take advantage of the features that set us apart from other beauty salon equipment suppliers:

A Wide Array of Styles

Choose hairdressing chairs that fit the aesthetics of your salon. Our equipment comes in a wide array of colours, from elegant black to orange ochre to hot pink. Even armrest styles and stands differ, as well as the types of backrests, so you can choose one that best reflects the spirit of your brand.

Competitive Pricing

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment has cultivated solid relationships with trusted brands, allowing us to procure hairdressing equipment at competitive prices. In turn, we pass unbeatable and exclusive savings to you.

Sporting a high standard of quality and reasonable price tags, our hairdressing equipment is a worthwhile investment.

Extensive Expertise

The PJS Beauty Salon Equipment staff boasts comprehensive product knowledge, so we can walk you through different products that might be a good fit for your salon. If you’re not sure which type of equipment you should invest in, we dispense trusted advice on furniture selection. We recommend equipment based on your ideal specifications and desired features.

Whichever type of chair you go with, expect prompt delivery and unparalleled customer service. We ensure that the furniture will be delivered to you, conveniently, on-time and in excellent condition.

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