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Pedicure Stools

Pedicure Stools


As a trusted purveyor of beauty salon furniture, PJS Beauty Salon Equipment stocks up on stylish and functional pedicure stools and chairs. Our catalogue features models that combine ergonomic design elements with convenient features to help your staff carry out their tasks with ease.


Feel free to browse our catalogue for pedicure chairs and stools that address the unique specifications of your business.

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Outfit your salon with pedicure stools and chairs that are stylish as they are functional. Whether you need a straightforward stool that blends win with the rest of your minimalist salon interior or a more chic unit that integrates features such as a plush backrest and tasteful leather-like upholstery, we’re confident that we have just what you are looking for.

And the best part? Every model puts your nail techs’ and your customer’s comfort first, so they can do their job without distraction.

Our stools offer:

Comfort. The seating is pivotal to the level of comfort a chair provides. We feature chairs with different types of seating, from saddle-shaped seats to flat, round seating to help you choose the model that can provide your staff maximum comfort throughout the treatment.

Support. Our podiatry stools take innovation to the next level with an arched backrest that can revolve a full 360 degrees, offering full support for the back and elbow.

Convenience. With wheels attached at the bottom, it’s easy to move our stools exactly where you need them.

Versatility. A lever at the side activates the gas lift that allows you to adjust the chair to the right level.

Ask PJS Beauty Salon Equipment about any chair model in our catalogue that you find interesting. We’ll help you compare your options and make the right purchase.