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Massage Couches and Beds

Comfortable, High-Quality Massage Couches and Beds

Your customers come to you for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Give them the breather they deserve by furnishing your spa with plush, comfortable massage couches and beds.

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment helps you provide an unparalleled relaxation experience with our selection of high-quality massage beds. As your customers need to lie still for minutes, or even hours, it’s important to use massage couches or beds that provide excellent support while allowing them to feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Our catalogue features products by some of the most trusted brands in the industry.  Feel free to explore our selection of massage beds!

Elegant and Comfortable Massage Beds

In the beauty, health, and wellness industries, first impressions are everything. In creating positive first impressions that last, sleek, chic furniture and equipment are essential.

But, for spas and wellness centres that offer massages, a trendy aesthetic is hardly enough. It’s also important to invest in equipment that make your clients feel comfortable while allowing your therapists to provide exceptional service.

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment offers a selection of massage beds and couches that feature chic and ergonomic designs while providing just the right amount of cosy.

Comfort - Our massage beds and couches are neither too hard nor too soft – just enough to let your customers rest comfortably.

Style – From PVC or PU upholstery to wooden or metal frames, you’re sure to find massage beds that match your existing interior.

Ergonomic Design - Our electric beauty bed recline and adjust to your therapists’ needs, so they can effectively perform their jobs without compromising the comfort of your customer.  Our beds and tables’ features let your staff pay attention to hard-to-reach areas, so your clients can leave your salon feeling rejuvenated. 

In addition, our massage beds, couches, and tables are built to last. This means you can avoid repair bills for a long time.

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