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Electric Beauty Salon Couches

Electric Beauty Salon Couches for Easy Adjustment

We provide a variety of electric salon couches suited for all different type of treatments. Our Electric beauty beds range from 1 motor to 4 motors in all different shapes and sizes, to help your feel relaxed and have an enjoyable experience. All our Electric treatment salon couches are made with PU upholstery meaning your electric treatment bed will maintain a fresh look for many years too come. If you ever wish to visit us here at beauty salon equipment where we showcase all our electric beauty salon couches, please feel free to get in touch.. All you need to do is to contact us for these electric massage beds that offer the best relaxing time to your customers. Just contact us for enquiries.

Providing Relaxation

Your customers went to your salon not only to receive beauty treatments but also to relax and take a break from the daily grind. Take note that the equipment and furnishings play a huge role in creating an inviting environment. Comfortable and convenient salon couches can give that relaxation to them. Turn to our electric beauty couches to keep your clientele cosy, while your staff beautifies them. Our products feature superior upholstery (PU, for instance) that lets them sit or lie down with ease, even for long periods. The couches have high-quality padding that supports your customers’ bodies as they loosen up and relax. The dimensions of our couches are industry-standard, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to cater to a varied clientele. Some of our products come with detachable armrests and headrest cushions, so you can accommodate customers with special needs.

Provide Better Beauty Treatments

Provide quicker, more efficient services with our electric beauty couches and salon beds. These salon couches eliminate the need for manual adjustments of the height and tilt.Your beauticians do not need to strain their backs or legs as they can swiftly change the position of the equipment. It is an easy and convenient upgrade for your team. With an ergonomic position, your beauticians can apply even coats and treat hard-to-reach areas. The adjustments enable them to be more thorough with the procedures. Some even keep tools handy. The ULNA Three-Motor Spa/Massage Couch, for instance, is fitted with a nifty paper roll holder.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Customers want nothing less than a spotless environment. Any unpleasant smell or unsightly mess isn’t conducive to building a great customer base. Experience an easy cleaning routine with our equipment. Their high-quality upholstery is easy to sanitize. Additionally, they’re durable, so you don’t have to expect repair bills in the future. These equipment also blend in with your salon’s other furnishings. With their neutral colour, they can be placed alongside any paint hue or bold furniture. Most of their wires and electrical parts are neatly tucked away from view. With their sleek designs, they give any space a modern touch.

Competitive Prices, Superior Customer Services

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment takes pride in its strong business relationship with leading manufacturers. Through our professional networks, we can offer outstanding products such as salon couches at competitive prices. We are able to pass the exclusive savings to your salon. When you order from us, trust that your product will be delivered swiftly to your salon. Equip your salon staff with convenient electric couches and beds. Contact us today and let’s talk about your furnishing needs.