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Electric Clinic Couches

Salon Couches and Beds for Comfort and Beauty

At Beauty Salon Equipment we provide a wide range of quality beauty salon couches. providing a wide range of beauty salon beds that is best suited to your needs, depending on the different type of treatment you are carrying out on the beauty treatment bed. All of our salon couches are made with a PU upholstery meaning your beauty couch will maintain itself for many years and keeping your salon beauty couch looking presentable to your customers. Here at Beauty salon Equipment, we have a showroom you can visit so you can see our beauty salon treatment couches please feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions regarding our Beauty couches. Feel free to reach out to our team.

Let Your Customers Relax

Our couches and beds are made from superior quality materials that make the beauty procedure relaxing for your clients. Since your customers would be sitting for a long period, use couches and beds that support them comfortably. Our selections’ high-quality padding are neither too hard nor soft, so they make their salon experience pleasant. Rest assured that you can cater to a varied clientele. The dimensions of our couches and beds fit all sorts of beauty customers. Finished with either PVC or PU upholstery, our beds keep your customers snug and cozy.

Provide Excellent Beauty Services

While salon equipment should keep your clients comfortable, they should also enable you to provide outstanding services.That’s why our couches and beds recline and adjust to your beauticians’ needs. Our STER 3-Motor Treatment Couch, for instance, allows you to control its height, backrest and leg rest inclination. This helps your staff perform their jobs, without compromising your clients’ comfort. Whether your salon is offering hair removal, waxing, facials or body treatments, our equipment helps your team apply even coats or treat hard-to-reach areas. Some of our products also store treatment essentials to keep them accessible. The COXI Static Beauty Couch, for instance, has a storage rack. The Beauty Deals Direct Platinum Package’s two-tier trolley, meanwhile, makes it easier to transport bulky tools.

Easy Cleaning

Sanitation is the hallmark of superior beauty services. Any customer who finds a salon less than spotless would be hesitant to return. So choose beauty couches and salons that are easy to clean and maintain. You have a choice of equipment with PU upholstery, which is easy to clean. Additionally, since they’re built to last, expect no repair bills for a long time.

Creating a Chic Image

In the beauty industry, it’s vital to create lasting impressions. A salon expresses its beauty standard in its furnishings. To attract customers, chic equipment is a must. You have the choice of colours at PJS Beauty Salon Equipment. Some of our products come in white, light grey, dark brown or black. You can select the hue that best fits your boutique. Your salon would also look more modern with our couches’ sleek design. Neither too bulky nor flimsy, our equipment will fit right into your salon. PJS Beauty Salon Equipment has forged strong relationships with leading manufacturers of treatment couches. This allows us to offer high-quality salon supplies in UK at competitive prices. We pass the exclusive savings to your business.Our team takes pride in our fast processing and shipping, too. Provide excellent services with our beauty couches and beds. Contact us today for enquiries.