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Salon Reception Desks

Welcome Your Clients with Chic Salon Reception Desks

Leave a lasting impression on your clients with salon reception desks that make a statement. These huge pieces of furniture are the first things a customer’s eye falls upon when he or she enters your salon; choose a desk that commands attention, fits your salon’s décor and invites people to come over and enquire about your services.

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment presents a diverse selection of desks that create an inviting atmosphere in your salon. Made of high-quality materials, each desk is designed to beautify your lobby, receive and send letters, attend to phone calls and record the customers that come into the salon.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy competitive prices and excellent customer service from us. Through our professional relationship with trusted manufacturers of beauty salon equipment, we’re able to procure desks at a lower price and pass the savings to your pocket.

Furnish your salon with chic and competitively-priced salon reception desks. Get in touch today.

Impeccable Workmanship

The PJS team vets every batch of salon desks we offer. We see to it that the desks are made of high-quality, sustainably-sourced materials. Our team screens the options and filters those that meet our standard of design excellence.

Then, before you receive your desk, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it’s free from smudges, scratches, chips and other manufacturing and transport imperfections.

Diverse Styles, Lasting Quality

Because they’re made from excellent materials, your salon reception desk should serve you well for many years through thousands of customers. It will be with you when you expand your offered services, your customer base and your brand.

Choose such an important piece of furniture from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment’s diverse desk selection. Our catalogue spans all sorts of materials, from warm woods to sleek metals. Whatever the atmosphere of your salon, you can find a desk that blends in seamlessly.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Our team boasts an extensive product knowledge; we’ll help you sift through our product range and find the desk that matches your specifications. If you’re unsure where to start, turn to us. We’ll dispense sound advice on furniture selection. Our staff is ready to assist you in any concern.

Browse our selection of salon reception desks today, and enjoy competitive prices and knowledgeable customer service. PJS Beauty Salon Equipment ensures your product arrives at your salon on time and in excellent condition.

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