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Stylish Manicure and Pedicure Furniture

Nail salon furniture, such as manicure tables and pedicure chairs, are essential pieces of equipment that should be present in any beauty salon. Manicure furniture provides your professionals with the surface they need to trim, clean and polish the fingernails of spa clients.

On the other hand, pedicure furniture is necessary to keep salon clients comfortable as they have their toenails clipped, filed and scrubbed clean.

By getting quality nail salon furniture for your spa, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Satisfied Spa Customers – Excellent salon furniture has features, such as adjustable leg rests, to help make clients feel more comfortable (and satisfied) with their manicure or pedicure experience.
  • Improved Salon Appearance – A great nail salon furniture piece can contribute to the overall look of the spa. A client, for instance, will likely enjoy their stay at your salon if he/she uses a clean, luxurious, well-maintained and stylish chair or table.
  • Excellent Investment for Your Business – Manicure and pedicure furniture made from high-quality materials will minimise maintenance expenses over time. You won’t need to perform regular repairs or continuously worry about the condition of your tables and chairs.

Furnish Your Salon with Our Line of Furniture

With PJS Beauty Salon Equipment, you can wow your spa customers with exceptional customer service and classy manicure and pedicure furnishings. We designed our furniture specifically for professional salon owners in the UK.

Our range of furniture comes with vibrant colours and sleek designs that create an excellent first impression on your customers and produce a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere to your spa.

You can expect only the best furnishings and equipment from us. Before we send out an order, we vet each product to make sure they work as they should and appear free from unsightly marks and defects. If you’re not sure of the type of furniture you need, our helpful staff are here to recommend the product that’s suitable for your salon.

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