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Hairdressing Furniture

Hairdressing Furniture that Inspires Creativity

In the beauty industry, aesthetics is a vital element when providing services. It is often said first impressions last – and your salon’s interiors can make or break your business’s success. To attract more customers and beat your competitors, your salon needs to be attractive and comfortable. A well-designed salon with beautiful interiors will grab the attention of people and turn them into loyal patrons.

At PJS Beauty Salon Equipment, we have a comprehensive selection of stylish hairdressing furniture that provides maximum comfort to customers and convenience to your staff. Whether you're looking for styling chairs, washpoints or hairdryers, our hairdressing range will leave positive lasting impressions on your clients.

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Hairdressing Furniture for Your Salon

1.      Consider your overall style

Your furniture should fit the overall style of your salon to create a consistent look for your clients; so, look for pieces that are unique to your business's interiors. For example, if you have an eclectic-looking salon, choose styling chairs in fun colours such as hot pink or pumpkin orange. If you run a salon with a large male clientele, opt for neutral and dark colours.

2.      Consider the fabric’s durability

If you run an especially busy salon or you offer services for children, consider the durability of your furniture pieces' fabric. Materials such as soft cotton or corduroy may feel comfortable, but they undergo the worst wear and tear. Always take note the fabric's expected lifespan and the maintenance it requires.

3.      Don't forget smaller pieces and accessories

When purchasing salon furniture for your business, don't forget pieces such as footstools and manicure stations. Footstools make it easier for clients with physical limitations to seat themselves and stay comfortable during services. Manicure stations can encourage clients to have a quick manicure while they're getting their hair done. All these additional furniture pieces can elevate your clients’ experiences and increase profits for your business.