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Semi Permanent Make-up Machines

Semi-permanent makeup machines and semi-permanent makeup tattoo needles are cosmetic devices and accessories used to apply semi-permanent makeup on the skin. They’re used to limit the makeup frequency process from daily to roughly once a year while still delivering beautiful and natural-looking results.

With a quality semi-permanent makeup device, your beauty spa can perform a long-lasting lip line, eyebrow and eye line skin treatments. This makeup device, when used properly, can deliver the following benefits to salon clients:

  • Zero Smearing – Customers can say goodbye to ‘panda eyes’ when they undergo cosmetic tattooing using a quality makeup machine. Whether they’re breaking up a sweat or doing an intense morning workout routine, the skin around their eyes will stay beautiful and free from any unsightly smudges.
  • Cost Savings – The cosmetics people buy at a retail store are consumable products, which have a limited shelf life and run out after extended use. Using a semi-permanent makeup machine to perform cosmetic tattooing is a more practical option. Clients will only need to go through a few touch-ups and sessions. The results, however, will last for several months.
  • Worry-Free Makeup – People with poor vision often have a hard time putting on their makeup. Keeping the eyeliner as straight as possible, for instance, can be a challenge to them. It isn’t the case when they have semi-permanent makeup. They won’t need to worry about properly applying makeup every single time.
  • Offering Quality Makeup Equipment at a Reasonable Price

    Beauty salon owners can get the face makeup machine they need for their business by going to PJS Beauty Salon Equipment. We offer state-of-the-art Goochie M8 Semi-Permanent Makeup Machine, as well as a range of makeup needles, at a price that won’t break the bank.

    You can expect first-rate equipment and accessories from us. Before we send out any of our products to our valued customers, our team assesses the condition of each batch of equipment to make sure they function properly and are free from defects and imperfections.

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