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Galvanic Machines

Galvanic Machines: The Latest in Beauty Salon Equipment

Somewhere amid professional peels, rigorous face massages and painful-but-worth-it extractions is a high-tech and innovative solution -- electrotherapy. In today’s modern world, salons and beauty parlours are investing in galvanic machines to revive and revitalise the natural radiance of their clients' skin.

At PJS Beauty Salon Equipment, we offer a selection of galvanic machines that fit perfectly in any salon or beauty room. The neat, stylish and efficient machines refine and enhance facial and body skin as well as revitalise hair growth. They're great additions to any professional beauty business and our versatile range enables you to choose the perfect machine that will best suit your salon's needs.

Making New Waves in Skin Care Treatment

Galvanic machines penetrate the skin’s surface with gentle electrical currents. The treatment, through a relaxing massaging action, enables you to target specific nerve endings in a client's epidermis. This guarantees that you can apply and push skincare products into a client's skin quickly and painlessly.

Galvanic machines also enhance cell circulation by applying positive and negative galvanic currents to the face. Positive galvanic currents aid in the removal of toxins and impurities while negative galvanic currents encourage the transport of beneficial nutrients that refresh and re-energise the skin.

With PJS Beauty Salon Equipment’s range of galvanic machines, you will be able to:

  • Clean a client's skin without damaging it
  • Eliminate various skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and age spots
  • Enhance lymphatic circulation and blood flow in skin cells
  • Moisturise dry skin
  • Enhance the cells' metabolic process
  • Lift, tone and tighten the skin
  • Nourish skin cells with nutrients

How to Use Our Galvanic Machines

  • Disincrustation - Professional aestheticians use disincrustration to perform deep pore cleansing. During this process, galvanic currents create chemical reactions that liquefy or emulsify sebum and debris. This type of treatment is ideal for clients with acne-prone or oily skin as it helps relax and soften the debris trapped in pores, making for easier extraction.

Iontophoresis - This is the process of applying water-soluble products into the skin with galvanic currents. This treatment allows aestheticians to deliver the beneficial ions of an applied solution into the skin's deeper layers.