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Salon Trolleys

Enable Luxurious Cosmetic Procedures with Salon Trolleys

Give your staff the equipment they need to provide luxurious beauty treatments. Browse PJS Beauty Salon Equipment for professional salon trolleys that support hairdressing, make-up application and other cosmetic procedures. Designed to hold many tools and products, our trolleys keep up with the strict demands of your salon.

Furnish your salon with modern salon beds and trolleys that go beyond the functional. PJS’ offers a wide range of attractive and functional styles of trolleys. Our durable and quality trolleys sport sleek designs and come in fabulous colours, blending in seamlessly with your curated décor. Thanks to their classy look, the trolleys help create a relaxing, opulent ambiance.

The PJS team has cultivated solid relationships with renowned manufacturers of professional salon supplies, allowing us to get excellent pieces at competitive prices. We then pass the savings to you without compromising quality. Upgrade your salon with our modern design trolleys to add beauty to your place and attract more customers.
Use only the best at your salon such as our exclusive salon trolleys. Contact us today.

Ergonomic and Stylish Designs

Fitted with roomy shelves and storage drawers, each salon trolley has enough space to store your staff’s beauty essentials, keeping all their tools within easy reach. The slick wheels make it incredibly easy to move bulky, small-and-medium-sized equipment around the salon.

Choose salon trolleys that support your cosmetic procedures. Some of our products feature only shelves, some only have drawers, while others sport both. Whatever your most-used tools are, you’ll find a trolley the fits all of them, with room to spare.

We provide a range of multi-functional trolleys in different colours, styles, and finishes, some with additional drawers to keep all your tools safe and easy to access and others with unique designs to match your salon's decor. Our salon trolleys are perfect for everyday use, will last a long time, and give you good value for money.

PJS goes beyond the usual black trolley look; our products come in the colour white and feature glass shelves, too. If you want a softer, more natural look to your equipment, we have stadium trolleys with wooden designs that give your salon a warm, inviting charm.

Masterful Quality at a Competitive Price

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment works with trusted trolley manufacturers, so we can be sure that the products are made of high-quality materials. All our trolleys are durable, made from quality materials, and have a warranty. Your new salon trolleys can take a beating, holding several tools, rolling around the salon, and serving your beauticians all day.

Thanks to impeccable craftsmanship, your salon trolleys will last a long while, serving you excellently even as you expand your customer base and cosmetic offers. Our modern and functional trolleys will help you perform all beauty treatments and hair services with ease. The trolleys we provide are sturdy and durable to use and come with a multilayer design, providing you with more space.

We offer a broad range of premium and branded trolleys at an unbeatable price. Our professional trolleys provide a great storage solution and help increase the workflow of your salon. When you shop with PJS, you get high-quality trolleys at a reasonable price, and we also provide an extensive warranty with great customer service.

Excellent Customer Services

With extensive product knowledge, our staff helps you sift through our selection to find the trolley that matches your specifications. If you’re not sure where to start, allow our staff to guide you through your options. We understand what it requires for a salon to gain maximum profit. Our professional staff will help you find the perfect trolley for your salon.

Before we deliver your salon trolleys, we inspect them closely to ensure they’re free from smudges, chips, and other blemishes. Our team sees to it that your trolleys are delivered on time and in excellent condition. The team at PJS works at its best to ensure all our customers are happy and satisfied with our professional trolleys.

Feel free to browse our excellent range of modern salon trolleys today.