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Magnifying Lamps

Illuminate Beauty with Magnifying Lamps from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment

lluminate Beauty with Magnifying Lamps from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment

With a magnifying lamp for your beauty salon, tattoo parlour or dermatological clinic, you can say goodbye to squinting, backaches and mistakes and say hello to happy customers, instead.

PJS Beauty Salon Equipment carries different types and models of magnifying lamps. Check our listing below and equip your salon with this innovative device today.

Many people feel they don’t have what it takes to be a head-turning beauty. Blaming it on genes, however, won’t do them much good. So, they rely on professionals like dermatologists and aestheticians to enhance their natural features.

But, the art of beauty is meticulous, precise work. That’s why in your salon, you must have essentials like magnifying lamps that enable you to provide clients with on-point and effective beauty services.

Magnifying Lamps and Why You Need Them

Dermatologists, aestheticians and tattoo artists alike are realizing how their work is so much better with the illuminating help of magnifying lamps. But what exactly are these devices?

Simply put, magnifying lamps offers a high-precision, non-distorted view of a certain area. These tools light up and can bend up and down and from side to side, making it easy for you to focus on a specific area.

For example, you’re an aesthetician about to work on a client’s eyebrows. With the use of a magnifying lamp, you don’t have to bend over your client’s face and squint awkwardly to give them perfect eyebrows. If you’re a tattoo artist working on a tiny but crucial detail on your design, it’s in your best interest—and in your client’s!—to use a magnifying lamp on the area of skin you’re working on. If you’re a dermatologist needing a closer look at your patient’s skin, this illuminating tool will provide you the amplified view you require.

A magnifying lamp pointed to the area you’re working on will give you a clearer and closer look, allowing you to perform whatever procedure in a more precise manner.