Beauty Beds have become a must salon equipment that helps to deliver excellent quality treatments and therapies to clients. Every salon and spa these days needs a massage bed that should be modern, adjustable, comfortable and have advanced features. You need to consider a lot of things when buying a new bed or couches for your salon or spa.

Buying a new facial bed has become easy with hundreds of brands providing quality beds at affordable prices. You need to find the perfect bed while keeping your budget and requirements into consideration. Remember you won't be able to deliver quality massage therapies to your clients if you dont have an adequate beauty bed

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Major Factors To Consider When Buying New Massage Beds


One of the major things that you should consider is determining your budget. Beauty bed and salon trolley comes at different prices depending on their quality, features and brand. Remember you won't find a good quality bed at a cheap price and you should always invest in high quality beds that may come at a higher price.

Many suppliers attract customers towards low quality beds by offering huge discounts and offers. Never invest in low quality massage beds as they come with hidden costs like maintenance and repair. Those beds do not have any warranties and it will be like a severe headache.

Size Of The Beauty Bed

The facial bed you will buy should be comfortable and relaxing so your clients feel at ease during the services. The next thing to keep in mind when buying a new bed for your salon or spa is getting the right size. Do not buy a too big size bed or a smaller one as it will have an impact on your clients.

When purchasing a new beauty bed consider the dimension of your salon or spa. Measure the room's dimensions and buy the perfect sized bed. Remember that it is challenging to move or work on big-size beds. Note the height and width of the bed and have the right measurement of your salon's space.


The main purpose of buying a beauty bed is to provide comfort to the clients during the services. Always invest in a top grade professional bed that is comfortable and has soft padding. Check the thickness and density of the mattress. Buy a bed that comes with softer foam and should be comfortable and durable.Every salon aims to deliver excellent quality treatments to its clients. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for every spa and salon. Check the foam and density of the mattress by pressing it and know how long the foam takes to regain its shape back.

Buy An Adjustable Beauty Bed

It would be best if you go with adjustable beds that come with many features and settings. You can adjust your bed to certain heights according to the comfort of your clients. For better results go with high-quality beds with multi-functional features. Check the angle, the height and the thighs when buying a new bed.

You should be able to customise the bed according to the personal preference of your clients. Ask the supplier about all the features and functionality of the bed you are willing to buy. Buy top quality beds that will help your staff to deliver exceptional therapies to your clients without compromising to client's comfort.

Go With Top Quality Beds

We suggest you always go with top quality professional beds that have many qualities. The quality of beds depends on their padding, functionality, durability and flexibility. Buy beds with a warranty and must be made from high quality materials. The beauty bed should be easy to clean and the padding should be covered in plastic.

Every salon should have easy-to-clean beds, so they can be cleaned and sanitised after every customer. The bed you are investing in should have thick padding that must be resistant to wear. You and your clients should be free of worries during the services and therapies.

Flexibility And Sturdy

When buying a new beauty bed it is important to consider and check the quality of the material used to make the bed. Know about the durability and flexibility and the bed should have solid frames. It would be best if you buy sturdy beds made from top quality materials that must withstand heavy weights.


You should be able to adjust the beds at different heights and sitting settings. The beauty bed should be easily converted into a seat or a bed depending on the use. You can adjust the bed to a different setting to match the demands of your clients.

Other Factors

There are several other factors that you should keep in your mind when buying a perfect beauty bed for your salon or spa. Buy modern beds that match your salon's vibe and go well with other salon equipment. The bed should have eye catching design and can attract more clients.

Buy beds and couches that come with a storage option so you can keep your supplies for maximum efficiency. Always buy a bed that comes with a warranty, as it will help avoid maintenance and repair costs. Ask the supplier about what type of warranty they offer with the beds.

Where To Buy

Many salon owners struggle when buying a new beauty bed as finding a reliable supplier is challenging. When shopping for facial or massage beds, you must have a better understanding of buying beds from an online store or by visiting your nearby retailer. Online and offline both have advantages and disadvantages.

Research properly and find the best and most reputed supplier that provides top-quality beauty bed and salon trolley at the most affordable prices and have a warranty. Many suppliers offer huge discounts on premium quality beds and also provide a 5-year warranty with free delivery and installations.