Salons and spas are all about relaxation. Beauty professionals and therapists strive to create and provide a complete relaxing salon experience for each client with the goal of turning them from one time visitors into regular customers. This means providing maximum relaxation from the salon layout to quality services and everything in between.

One of the simplest ways to improve the salon experience is the use of hot towels. They are cheap but classic salon treatments that can be used by clients while waiting or as part of any service. Clients will appreciate the effects of a clean and hot towel whether they are used on the face or the body before or after treatment.

Uses of hot towels

Aside from using hot towels to clean the hands, there are a number of ways to use hot towels. Salons and spas make use of hot towels as they are low cost and can be used for many types of service.

  • Face – hot towels are typically used before a facial to relax the muscles on the face, soften the skin, open the pores and allow skin treatment to penetrate the skin with ease. This allows beauty professionals to thoroughly remove deep-seated dirt and oil in the pores and replace it with nourishing moisture.
  • Body – hot towels are also used to ease sore muscles to relieve pain. The warmth from the damp towel that penetrates the skin will dilate the blood vessels to relieve the tension.
  • Hair – hot towels are known to be used before men are shaved in order to soften the hair and achieve a cleaner and closer cut to the skin. The same principles apply to other areas in need of a shave.

As the hot towel or the dampness from the hot towel cools down, clients are left feeling fresh and relaxed. The temperature of the towels must be warm enough to relax the skin and the muscles, but not too hot that you risk burning the skin. By adding fragrances, you can even turn a regular hot towel treatment into aromatherapy.

There are different ways to heat towels. At home, towels can be heated by submerging it in hot water or microwaving it for thirty seconds. However, for salons and spas that provide services to multiple clients daily, towel warmers are the ideal way to heat towels. Towel warmers are a cost-effective investment for salons and spas as they are a clean and quick way to heat multiple towels ready for treatments.

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