As a place where people go to improve their physical attributes and feel good about themselves, a beauty salon should look captivating at first glance. Designing the interiors and decoration of your chosen location is one of the essential first steps in starting your business. Your beauty salon should be well-designed and should look fashionable enough for people to walk in and trust their hair, face, and nails with you.

According to Cosmetics and Design Europe, in 2017, the UK had over 50,000 locations that offered beauty services, with 35,704 of that number belonging to beauty salons. With that already large and still growing number, standing out among thousands of beauty salons can be quite a challenge. 

While your exceptional services and skills of your hairdressers and beauticians are what will make customers come back, the physical aspects of your salon are what will draw them in. The beauty of your salon is where their first impression of your salon business will come from, and you should make it count.

 In order to attract more customers and make them come back for more, here are some key elements of your business that will allow you to create a salon environment that is comfortable, luxurious and inviting.  

A stunningly stylish reception desk 

Investing in an eye-catching reception desk will pay off in many ways. Upon entering your salon, this is the first place clients will look for and go to so make sure that your choice of the reception desk is one of the focal points of the room. Place your chosen reception desk close to the entrance of your salon in order to allow customers to book an appointment or ask about your services as soon as they enter your business. Make sure that it’s always presentable and tidy so your business looks professional and organised.

Good lighting

Your customers will spend a lot of time inside your beauty salon and there’s a good chance that they will take photos while they’re in it. Good lighting is vital for salon businesses. Stylists will be under constant strain in a poorly lit salon and may not be able to fully give the clients the best treatment they can. Make sure there are no shadows around the working area and choose lighting that renders colour accurately. 

Comfortable beauty salon chairs

If there is one element in your business that you should pay a lot of attention to and spend good money on, it’s your salon chairs. Beauty chairs for salons need to both impress and pamper. It is where all the magic happens so make sure that you choose chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on for hours. Since there will be a few of these chairs in the salon and the action revolves around them, they need to visually attractive as well as comfortable.

 In the beauty industry, looks is everything. With an attractive set of interiors, you can easily stand out among other beauty salons in your area and attract more customers. 

 At PJS Beauty Salon Equipment, we provide various types of quality beauty salon chairs perfect for any salon. No matter what look your salon is going for – whether modern, classic or retro, we have the perfect chairs that will suit your business’ needs and clients’ wishes. Contact us today for more information on our equipment and services. 

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