Getting inked on the body is a life-changing experience. You would have whimsical ideas of designs but, at the same time, thousands of questions in mind regarding the tattoo studio and the artist. Will the artist give you the best tattoo or land you up somewhere between being shattered or disappointed, constantly pesters you. Visiting a new tattoo studio and sitting on the comfortable salon couches usually makes you feel genuine about the artists; however, things go much beyond this simple thought.

Tattoo artist master stool

However, its the understanding of the unspoken code and considerations, many times give you the confidence that your prospective tattoo artist and the studio is best for you. The reason being, the perfect artisan crafts perfect tattoo design, thereby enhancing your personality and appearance. She will be able to exactly depict the lifestyle and the culture you live in through your inked tattoo. Having said this, we understand that there are tens of thousands of tattoo artists and studios out there, which makes it extremely difficult for you to select one. However, in this blog, we will suggest some ways that will help you learn more about the selection of the best tattoo studio and artist.

Know what you want and take you time before the final call:

It looks much like a no-brainer thought, but understand one thing that not every tattoo artist is able to print an intricate design. Right? Hence before landing up at a random parlour, turn around and observe the options. Figure out who specializes in what design because all tattoo artists are not equal. So before you rush into a rookie tattoo artist, take a step back, breathe and rethink about the artist.

Ensure about the license and certification:

Remember one thing, no profession is authenticated without an authorized certification or licence to work. Tattoo designing is a profession that has a high risk of harming the body if it is performed unprofessionally. A tattoo artist has two different categories, one who has formal training in the profession and the other just a scratcher. We are sure that you would not like to compromise the shoddy practices of the scratcher over the professional and sanitized studio of a licensed tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists are trained on how to use the tattoo equipment, install the needles and the ink, and many more such processes. In the same line, keep a check on their tattoo furniture and cleanliness of the same. Every needle and the equipment should be properly sterilized, and the strict sterilisation techniques should be followed. Hence it is imperative that you choose a certified and licensed tattoo studio for a healthy life after the designer ink on your body.

Check their portfolio and ensure the guarantee of the work:

Every tattoo artist will love showcasing their talent through their portfolios, and yes, your next job is to scrutinize their work by checking out their designs or live work. Tattooing is really not an easy job, and you have to check the skills of the tattoo artists by judging their previous works. We understand that the images can easily sway you away and get you caught in the trap; hence it is essential to look at ink tattooing objectively and ensure that it meets your design requirement. One more thing on the line is, many tattoo artists may be capable of delivering the designs and might convince you with their breadwinning tattoo tales. But right at that moment, ask the artist regarding the guarantee of the tattoo design. Professional artists do provide a guarantee for their work done, and it would be wise to choose them rather than to repent later.

Do they have the right set of salon furniture and equipment?

There are chances that one may overlook the importance of salon couches, tattoo furniture, and the interior of a tattoo studio. A sleek, designed tattoo chair provides the clients with the utmost comfort and ultimate tattooing experience. It is not a thumb rule that every expensive product is of high-quality. At our collection, you can find every tattoo salon equipment and accessories at an affordable price. At PJS beauty salon equipment, we have a range of products right from Magnifying lamp in a black, stainless steel tray, TATTUk Rest, Tattoo artist master stool, Samson Elite Tattoo couch, Samson Studio Tattoo couch, stadium trolley and more. With utmost diligence, we design our equipment, keeping in mind customer safety and satisfaction. We would love to become your ultimate partner in setting up a beauty salon without letting you compromise over quality and maintaining the utmost safety precautions. Are you interested in making us your salon partner?

Ensure the service fits in your budget:

Do you love haggling? Well, you will think, price negotiating is allowed only at flea markets, or vegetable shops, but ever imagined that you could haggle at a tattoo studio? This may be the last thing you should ask a tattoo artist about before taking the final call. It is obvious that the tattoo price varies depending on the design and the dimension of your final tattoo. However, make sure that the final price is worth paying to the artist. Ask the artist whether they will use the fresh ink or is it their second-time use. Every single thing, from their time involved in the design to the tattoo salon interiors & high-quality equipment, affects the pricing of the tattoo. It would be quite obvious that you would get referrals from your friends, check the tattoo studio’s online presence and engagement, and judge them finally. Hence we haven’t included those considerations here. If you haven’t thought of doing it, then you should do it straight away. Tattoo designing doesn’t happen in a jiffy, but you need to take your time before getting influenced. We hope that your tattoo designing experience is as exciting as you would have dreamt of. Don’t hesitate, feel free to ask the right questions at the right time to the tattoo artist. Virtual tattoo designs might fascinate you, but a wrong selection of tattoo artists will leave you in despair.