A successful salon or barbershop is made up of lots of things. To make it successful, you need to hire highly trained and professional staff that are experts in the field of tattooing. It is equally important to set your prices at the right level. Only through this way, you will be able to create the right first impression in the minds of your clients. You also wish that they come again and again to your salon and so it is crucial to have the right tattoo furniture along with the right types of equipment to give the perfect ambience to your place. Salon Furniture

Every piece of furniture from the salon reception to your barber’s chairs must look like a part of the bigger picture. You should also take care that it is of high-quality without making a hole in your pocket. Here at Beauty Salon Equipment, we have gathered together some of the best salon furniture for barbers, hairdressers, and tattoo artists at an affordable price. Let’s now look at the range of best salon trolleys that you can get from Beauty Salon Equipment.

Best Salon Trolleys

You cannot expect your staff to perform the most luxurious beauty treatments without these types of equipment. PJS Beauty Salon Equipment sells professional trolleys that support a make-up application, cosmetic procedures, and hairdressing. These trolleys come in sleek designs in a variety of colours, that blend seamlessly with your curated decor. Due to its classy look, these trolleys assist in creating a relaxing, opulent ambience. Here are some of the best ones available in the market right now.

2 Tier Safe Trolley

These types of trolleys come with a white metal frame. They consist of two shelves and two locking drawers to store multiple beauty accessories. You can even use it to fit table-top machines. It consists of four wheels which makes it highly mobile. It is highly safe and secure for tools & products.

Luxury Glass Trolley

These types of trolleys consist of a wooden locking drawer with three glass shelves. It provides ample space to place machines. There is also an in-built magnifying lamp holder in it. Currently, it is available in Black or White Finish.

Luxury Glass Trolley - With Drawer

These types of trolleys consist of a locking wooden drawer with three glass shelves. It provides a large space to place machines. There is also an in-built magnifying lamp holder in it. Currently, it is available in Black or White Finish.

Professional Salon Trolley

This is the most modern salon trolley that comes with three spacious glass shelves which are quite easy to clean. It is also highly durable to withstand all types of face and body machines. You can get this trolley with an in-built mag lamp holder in a White or Black finish.

Spin Trolley

It comes in an elegant white workstation with an easy-clean lacquered wooden finish. There are three storage drawers in it. The fantastic part is, the top draw consists of UV light for instrument storage equipment/drill shelf with cable outlet Castors that enable smooth movement.

Stadium Trolley

These types of trolleys are available in Rustic Oak or Michigan Elm colour. It comes with comprehensive four slide-out trays and has an accessory top or flat top.

Studio Trolley

It comes in black or white colour. You can even get it with an accessories top or with a flat top.

Best Salon Couches

Your beauty customers not only keep an eye on the results of your beauty treatments but also your staff, types of equipment, and the ambience of your salon. After all, they are not just there to get beautified, but to get relaxed and take a break from the daily grind. PJS Beauty Salon Equipment provides unmatched beauty experience. With the help of these salon couches, your staff can perform cosmetic procedures with excellence.

Samson Studio - Tattoo Couch

This couch consists of enhanced locking mechanism, new, improved stitching, and cushions. It is fully positional hydraulic height-adjustable artist couch. It consists of adjustable armrests. This couch comes with newly designed independent adjustable legs and feet extensions. You can easily remove the head cushion, which gives enough breathing space while you are performing back work. It also provides the ability to the client to straddle the chair, giving better positioning to the tattoo artist for their work. It comes with wheels that spin and rotate. You can even move from a chair to a flat position. This tattoo couch is available in black finish with thick padding.

Rise -1 Motor Salon Couch

This couch comes with new two-section electric height with adjustable mutual backrest. It consists of a breather hole under the cushion. This couch comes with a solid metal frame and a drop at the back of the bed which enables you to lock the door wheels and unlock them in case the bed needs to be moved across the room. You can get this couch in black or white colour.

PJS - TROCH - Ultimate Spa Couch

This couch comes with a 4-engine spa bed with adjustable height, backrest, footrest, and the bed inclination. It has a face hole with a concealed base. This 3-section couch consists of a single-block mattress. It comes with adjustable armrests and headrests with a breather hole. You also get a removable pillow with either a dark or light wood finish. It consists of a high-quality ultra-soft white PU upholstery padding along with plug and removable arms.

COXI - Static Beauty Couch

It comes with a white finish base and frame. You can easily adjust the backrest inclination. There is also the option to remove the headrest cushion with a breather hole. The couch is made up of white PVC upholstery of high-quality that assists in easy cleaning. There is a storage rack under the beauty couch to hold towels, products, and other things that you wish to store. This couch is excellent to be kept in a smaller room or a beauty training school/beauty college. So, which of this salon furniture will you get for your business from PJS Beauty Salon Equipment?